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Data Security

Managed Firewalls, Network Security and Physical Security

Fast2Host - Physical Security

Physical Security

Management of visitors and contractors on-site including a requirement for pre-authorisation, presentation of photographic identification, visitor logging and badging

  • 24x7 monitored CCTV coverage.
  • Each rack locked and secured.
  • Electronic key fobs for door access.
  • Onsite and remote monitoring.
  • Early warning fire detection systems are also in place.
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Network Security

For many business-critical platforms the security process begins with our dedicated or shared firewalls that we manage and maintain for you. Our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate offerings are another standard security requirement for any company entering the eCommerce arena.

Beyond the basic security measures, there are even higher security services within our portfolio. To ensure that applications are secure, we are able to run vulnerability scans that check for CGI (common gateway interface) abuses and vulnerabilities, backdoors and Trojans, as well as other weaknesses.

Fast2Host - Web Application Firewall Fast2Host - Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall

State-of-the-art firewalls will prevent any unauthorized access to your data. We block common attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection to all known vulnerabilities to Wordpress, Joomla etc

Fast2Host - Managed Firewalls

Managed Firewalls

We have partnered with Sophos to offer server and data protection for our most critical assets. With today's advanced threats, it's not enough to protect the perimeter and the endpoints; data must be secured at the source. Sophos offers simple, centrally-managed and effective solutions for both physical and virtual servers, providing complete security throughout the enterprise

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