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Because speed and response times are crucially important all our network hardware is of the highest quality, using the best manufacturers in each field. Our core network is powered exclusively by Cisco equipment and is fully managed in-house.


Fast2host fully owns and operates our 100% BGP multi-homed network; we take transit feeds from multiple providers to ensure quality and reliability. Our main transit providers have Points of Presence in all major European destinations, providing excellent connectivity to Europe and beyond. We have selected respected, reliable and diverse providers to ensure we have multiple routes to all global locations whilst still making use of the best path possible via peering agreements.

Multiple Routes

Even if a problem occurs, traffic can easily be re-routed around the issue with no adverse effects.


We are constantly expanding our network and providing extra capacity; this is vitally important to ensure we offer you the best service possible.

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VLAN and Security

Every single server on our network operates in its own VLan (Virtual Lan). This means that, as soon as traffic for your server hits our network, it is"tagged" with the appropriate VLan - assuming it's allowed to pass in the first instance. The tagged traffic is passed on to our managed switches which know what routes are available to deliver that traffic to your server. It isn't possible for any other server on our network to see or to intercept that traffic. When the traffic arrives at the switch your server is plugged into, the switch knows what port to deliver that traffic to.

It also means that other servers, even those plugged into the same switch, cannot "see" any other server on our internal network and cannot directly connect to any other server. If one server wants to connect to another server inside our network that traffic must pass through our firewall first before being directed back to the server it wants to connect to.

If you have more than 1 server, we make sure that each of your servers operates on the same VLan, so they can communicate directly and safely without any other server intercepting their communications.


Intimately associated with every VLan is a dedicated subnet. This is a range of IP addresses that are available for you to use on your servers. Most dedicated servers are supplied with 8 IP address, of which 5 are usable.

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